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reviews of ballets

by a novice balletomane

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This community is a place for me, flower_ballet, to post her reviews of various ballets that I experience. Be it on stage or on screen. Most live ballets are performed by the Royal Danish Ballet, since I'm from Denmark, but with both Germany and England within travelling distance some shows might be by Staatsballett Berlin or the Royal Ballet London. Ballet DVDs will bring me around the world, from Russia to America and back again to Scandinavia.
I am no ballet expert. I have never danced myself, and my love for this art form is relatively new in making. However, I did grow up in Holstebro, the hometown of Peter Schaufuss, and my parents brought me along a couple of times to watch his works in Holstebro Theatre. I remember very little of the shows themselves, the stories and other details, but what I do recall is a sense of elegance and passion moving in waves across the stage. That very image of ballet dance has stayed with me and been reinforced after I started taking an interest in dancing all over again.
In terms of names, I particularly support the prima ballerina, Susanne Grinder and also enjoy dancers such as Gudrun Bojesen and Amy Watson (Danish Royal Ballet), Polina Semionova and Shoko Nakamura (Staatballett Berlin) and the danseur noble, Thomas Lund along with former danseur noble and current balletmester of the Danish Royal Ballet, Nikolaj Hübbe. Former prima ballerina, Agnés Letestu, is another favourite of mine.

I spout a fondness for abstract ballets such as the works of choreographer George Balanchine, especially Serenade. Another American choreographer I enjoy is Jerome Robbins whose work "The Cage" is one of my all time favourites. I have a particular interest in ballets set to music by Chopin and all Tchaikovsky's ballets that I have seen so far have been wonderful, with a special note of Swan Lake, of course. In terms of style, I still have to find my footing in neoclassicism and the Danish school of Bournonville, but I hope to be able to enjoy it in its natural surroundings in the Danish Opera House.
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